In the future, after Canada launches a surprise attack against the northern US using dinosaurs and annexes most of the bordering states, Triumph City was built.  And it's kind of a cesspool at night.  But hey, there's people who want to make it at least a tad safer.

SHADEHAWK - Dechs Rashart

  • Wields a gun smuggled out of Tera-Corp by his father
  • Always wondered why his parents didn't choose the more common spelling of "Dex" and if it's supposed to be short for "Dechster" or what.
  • Watched every episode of Ultimate Destroyer Robot Mechazor L 4 times.
  • Always cries at the end of episode 32 when the dude dies.
  • Is not actually interested in a relationship with Celestina so stop asking.
  • Thinks he is 37% more cool then he actually is.
  • Is still pretty cool actually.
  • Is fucking terrible at chess.
  • Actually finds the square shades uncomfortable but considers is a iconic part of his look.
  • Straight

WRENCH - Laria Moondale

  • Currently has the power of technokinesis.
  • Was engaged to Echo (now a pre-widow)
  • Developed a rampant AI which developed an even more rampant AI and tried to take over her body with Nanomachines.
  • Owns every single ADVENTURERS! game
  • Number of governments hacked: 7
  • Number of international incidents: Almost 1
  • Really into erotic fan-fiction.
  • Bisexual


  • Pansexual
  • Drinks a lot
  • Has sex a lot
  • Most number of genders involved in orgy: 9
  • Member of the Vengeful Sisters
  • Is the smart one
  • Is also the dumb one
  • Should probably be the main character
  • Her prescription is mostly for astigmatism.
  • Doesn't like the feel of contacts.
  • Once ate an entire erotic cake in one sitting on a dare.
  • Has done many, many other things on dares.

CRUSADE - Celestina Domerelli

  • Daughter of the Domerelli crime family
  • Was working against them, now is the head of them??
  • Big fan of the TV series S.W.O.R.D
  • Actually DOES want a relationship with Shadehawk but up until recently wouldn't admit it
  • Actually now that you mention it a lot of things about her were "up until recently"
  • Battled a horde of Santas once.
  • She actually came up with the name "Crossroad" first and rationalized it afterwards.
  • Around about the same time she got Excalibur, which fell from space
  • (Long story)
  • It's like she's obsessed with battles and war now.
  • I dunno it's probably nothing.
  • Echo used to be her Wrench.
  • Confirmed Kills: 217
  • Unconfirmed Kills: 119
  • Deconfirmed Kills: 2

DRAGON - Isabelle


  • Leader of the Vengeful Sisters
  • Has a problem with insubordination
  • Way too addicted to phone games, actually
  • Didn't really think much about her sexuality until Aftershock dropped the bomb.
  • Loves Dragon very much
  • I mean "Loves" Loves
  • She's a lesbian.
  • Member of the Vengeful Sisters
  • Managed to get the courage up and now is in a relationship with her crush.

WATERFALL - Delphine

  • Nicest member of the Vengeful Sisters
  • Except when her nasty side takes over due to the experiments that were done on her
  • Most scoops of ice cream successfully eaten off of one cone: 9
  • Most scoops of ice cream attempted: 10


  • Still deciding if he wans to remain a member of the Vengeful Sisters
  • Teenage transboy
  • Ball of confused hormones
  • Favorite video game: Star Admiral 2
  • Number of characters romanced in Star Admiral series: all of them, at least once.