Old Stuff

While making this site I encountered some REAL OLD (2003/2004) text files with plans for the comic.  Some of the stuff made it in eventually, some changed, and some's just gone.

Plan.txt - December 11, 2003

Antihero for Hire
Dechs Rashart 'Shadehawk'
He who prowls the streets and patrols the rooftops of Triumph City in the
dead of night.He's a bit of a goof and a bit of an idiot, but honestly he
does get stuff done.He might make a lot of mistakes but he's very resourceful.
And I'd rather him as my partner than some heroes.
He usually catches criminals by pointing trademark gun, the Silver Arrow at them.
Real quotation: "There are few problems in the world that can't be solved by
shooting them enough in the right places."

Tyra Rashart
Tyra is Dechs' sister.She died in a car accident with his best friend.He says
he sees her everywhere, but I think he just misses her.

Micheal Stevens
Going out with Tyra, he died in a car accident.Dechs misses him, but doesnt see him
everywhere like his sister.

Supervillian with the power to control kinetic energy in objects.He runs a small criminal
syndicate, and plays tricks with Dechs' mind, not that it's very hard to do that:-)

Laria Moondale 'Wrench'
The smartest, most technically profficient sidekick in the business.Hacker and
engineer extrordianare!A.K.A. ME!
Pretty much every one of Dechs' gadgets except the Silver Arrow are my doing, and
I pretty much know the Silver Arrow's mechanical spec except for a few black boxes.
Well.Silver boxes.
On the 'net I'm known as 'Wrench' and I'd go down in history as a legendary hacker
if I could ever be traced.

Triumph City
After the northern parts of the US (including New York) were lost to Canada after
the unexpected war of 2075, this city was founded.Thanks to modern construction
techniques the city was built in less than 50 years.Now, in 2140, the city's
bustling just as any dungey villian hideout city has ever been.

Only the US can call a town they built because they lost a war Triumph City.

Unexpected War of 2075
In June 2075 Canada unleashed it's new weapon upon the US completely out of the blue.
It turned out Canada's been genetically engineering battle dinosaurs all that time.
Who knew?
The northern states resisted until they realized they'd get free healthcare and not
be shot so much.New York became New York- only now it's the York from Toronto that
it was the New of.

Gravetic Pads (U-Grips)
Devices that use a similar technology to antigravity pads, only in reverse.
They're sort of extragravity pads which can adhere at will to any surface.
A great replacement for suction cups to be sure.They're still pretty
expensive though, so we couldn't afford many.The Zipgrappler uses it for
the grappling part.
The slang term 'U-Grips' comes from the fact they're shaped like a U. 

Terra Daemon
CEO of Teracorp.She doesn't really have any particular quirks except her hair.
She went through university as a business major, then as a physics major, and then
started a company by creating the first U-Grip prototype devices.It got so
popular that her company ended up buying out many other companies in strategic
marketplace locations.
She's a big fan of powersuit technology, which is why Teracorp is working so hard
on them.

Terra Daemon
Head of Power Suit R&D, Teracorp.That must suck, given that she used to be the
CEO of the company before the board gave control of the company over to Hector
Syphon.She went through university as a business major, then as a physics major,
and then started a company by creating the first U-Grip prototype devices.
After she lost control of the company she was given control of the R&D division for
powersuits, since that's one of her other specialties.
I bet she holds a grudge against Syphon. 

A giant mostly R&D corporation specializing in energy control devices and power
suits.However, they have a hand in almost every aspect of modern life.
Like all giant corporations they're evil, and they're headed up by the CEO,
Terra Daemon.

A giant mostly R&D corporation.Pretty much every major appliance anyone owns was
built by one of Teracorp's many divisions.The CEO was once Terra Daemon but the
board gave control over the company to Hector Syphon instead.
The company's specialty is energy control devices and power suits.

Hector Syphon
Board member at Teracorp.He's up to something, but I can't find any information
about him at all.

Hector Syphon 
CEO of Teracorp.From what Dechs has reported he seems to be into magical mumbo
jumbo.Still don't know much about him but I'm starting to find some clues in
missing files.

Hector Syphon
CEO of Teracorp, wields the Zecharu Daizon (Poison Flame) Power.Through a
series of artifacts and a ritual, Hector Syphon bonded with an anceint evil
force, giving him immense power.He's completely out of Dechs' leauge, how
is he going to stop him?
Oh!I finally got some info on his backstory.He graduated with honours from
Triumph U, but after that seemed to dissapear off the radar as being incredibly
normal.One day, however, a hoverbus carrying his family crashed.Strangely
enough, this diddn't seem to effect him much, and two months later joined Teracorp
in a low position quickly climbing to member of the board in only a year.
Soon after, Terra Daemon, original founder of Teracorp and CEO was overthrown by
the board and Hector was put in his place.

Poison Flame
An ancient power of green fire.All else I know about it is that it can be given
to people, and the following quotation from some 7,000 year old scripture:
"The Emerald Wave shall consume the land in flame."
It's interesting to note that the temple that this was engraved in was one of the
few remaining strctures.It was also the newest one they found.If you ask me,
that's not a very good sign.

Meghan Domerelli
Mafia daughter.Is the White Wind

Comic Plan

Phase : Night Hero
Chapter 1: Vigil
Dechs is on a rooftop and falls off.He goes down and talks to Wrench a bit,
and is given an assignment: Some yahoo with cybernetic enhancements is on a
rampage downtown.
Chapter 2: Gloves
Shadehawk encounters the man and does battle!
Chapter 3: Evidence
Shadehawk takes parts of the cybernetics back to Wrench for analysis

Characters: The Sisterhood (Snowflake, Dragon, Rake, and Waterfall)
Phase : Sisters in Deed
Chapter 1: Water
While patrolling, Shadehawk happens across a crime being perpetrated by a
Chapter 2: Vapor
The lady warns him to leave but Shadehawk doesnt, allowing another lady with martial arts skills to sneak up behind him.
Chapter 3: Snow
After capturing the martial arts lady he gets hit by a snowball, and it's October!
It's a little kid with snow.They escape thanks to her.Behind her is Rake, a sister with claws.
Chapter 4: Vapor
After the theives escape Shadehawk returns to headquarters to find out about them.
It turns out they're all from an orphanage and are using special controlling suits
to control elemental energy.

Phase : Thunder and Fury
Chapter 1: Spree
The Sisters are on a crime spree, so Shadehawk goes to stop them, only when he goes
to confront them the lights go out.
Chapter 2: Shock
In the darkness a light is seen: It's a sister with the power of lightning!A dark fight
Chapter 3: Encircle
The five sisters encircle Shadehawk.His sister appears again.Shadehawk escapes using
trickery and confusion.

Phase: Sister Sister
Chapter 1: Planning
Wrench finds out as much as they can about the sisters, and they decide to use it against them
Chapter 2: Bridge
He convinces the Water sister to help stop the other sisters, since she's reluctant. She tells him where to find them
Chapter 3: He goes after them, but accidentally kills one.They vow revenge.He does notice a Tera-Corp symbol on one of the suits this time.

Phase : All Roads Lead to Rome
Chapter 2: Connections
All the super-suits seen so far have been developed by TERACORP!
On the way there, Shadehawk sees Crossroad but doesnt get to talk to her.
Chapter 3: Beurocracy
Shadehawk meets with Terra Daemon to find out about the suits.Apparently the suits were
stolen prototypes, but a quick investigation seems to indicate they couldn't have been stolen.
This is where he meets Magi for the first time.
Chapter 4: Tracking
Shadehawk returns and asks Wrench to keep an eye on Teracorp.


Phase : Corporate Dealings
Chapter 1: Takeover
Wrench finds that Tera-Corp is up to something.So he goes to talk to Terra.
Chapter 3: Hector
He meets with Hector Syphon, who apparently is running the company now andwants to steer the company in a new direction.
He then gets security to throw Shadehawk out.
Chapter 2: Terra
Shadehawk meets with Terra, who still says she has nothing to do with the suit problems.
She seems pre-occupied, obviously.

Phase: Excavation
Chapter 4: Dig
Shadehawk finds out that excavatory searches are being done in Africa by MagiHe goes to
check it out.
Chapter 5: Coins
Shadehawk finds a symbol he recognises, it's on a coin his father gave him.
Chapter 6: Artifact
Hector Syphon is given an artifact.On it is the same symbol.

Phase : He Who Walks With Fire
Chapter 1: Ancient
Research and checking into tera-corp find references to the Poison Flame
Chapter 2: Legends
They figure out he wants to wake the power of the Poison Flame thanks to Magi and decide go
stop him.
Chapter 3: Searching
Shadehawk frantically tries to find where in this gargantuan building Hector is performing the
Chapter 4: Ritual
Shadehawk finds where Hector is but he's got a bodyguard.Shadehawk gets to Hector just
as he's completing the ritual
Chapter 5: Poison
The ritual is complete.Hector Syphon is now one of the most powerful beings on the planet.
Chapter 6: Laughing
The beaten body of Shadehawk can barely move.Fire surrounds him, and then...

Phase : Crossroads
An interlude phase following Crossroads.
At the end, Shadehawk wakes up in the hospital.He will now have a scar on his left hand for the rest of the series.

Phase : Blood and Flames
Chapter 1: Murder
People are being killed on the street.. and there are strange burn marks. An analysis points
to the Poison Flame
Chapter 2: Research
Finding out how to destroy the poison flame: Magi helps!The carrier is still mortal.
Chapter 3: Will
Shadehawk finds Hector and tries to put a stop to his murder.He says he doesn't know
what Shadehawk is talking about but Shadehawk doesn't beleive him.They battle.
Chapter 4: Ashes
The Poison Flame has been destroyed!Now the world is safe.

Phase : Staves of Deception
Chapter 1: Street
Another murder happens.. wait, that staff.. does it belong to Magi!?
Chapter 2: Findings
Shadehawk tries to get at whatever's behind the murders.Is the Poison Flame Back?
Chapter 3: Magi
Shadehawk manages to catch Magi in the act. Magi explains his connection to the Posion Flame
and starts to do to him what he did to the other people.
Chapter 4: Help
He calls for help, and Wrench sends The White Wind.She helps him, and they defeat Magi.
Chapter 5: Realization
If Magi gets his power from the Poison Flame.. then does the Poison Flame still exist?

Phase : Wizards and Warriors
Chapter 1: Wizardry
The man he keeps seeing that tells him about his past shows up.
Chapter 2: Leauges
They fight, and Wizard is far beyond anything he can ever stop.
Chapter 3: Contempt
He leaves shadehawk.. and tells him that he will be far more active in this city.

Phase : Children of the Fire
Chapter 1: Darkness
A boy down on his dumps is approached by a cat that seems to glow faintly green..
Chapter 2: Theft
The Diazon artifacts ahve been stolen
Chapter 3: Trackdown
Shadehawk finds the kid.. but as he turns around he notices a mark on his forehead and
the lack of pupils.Poison Flame's back in Town. 
Chapter 4: Daizon
The kid explains that the Poison Flame has it's own will that could not surface in Hector's
body.The artifacts are to unlock all of his powers.He then goes to 'meet someone'
Chapter 5: Worthy
He goes to fight Wizard,
Chatper 6: Equals
After dying and taking over one of his minions, they part ways.The Poison Flame says he has
to take care of someone else first....
Chapter 7: End
In a Teracorp building, Shadehawk fights the Poison Flame.He gets sealed inside a tube, and
then there's an explosion.The final scene is Wrench receiving the Silver Arrow and a message
from the poison flame

Phase : Wastes of Time
Chapter 1: Hopeless
20 years in the future, the Poison Flame has destroyed much of the state, and is now content
to create burning legions of zombie forces.
Chapter 2: Cloak
There's someone who seems to fight the forces, wearing a cloak.A force appears to the main
resistance base, and the man appears.
Chapter 3: Introductions
The man talks to the leader of the resistance - an older, crippled Wrench.He asks to see the silver arrow and it turns out the man was Shadehawk, put into stasis for 20 years.
Chapter 4: Planning
Talking about how to get back to his own time by using a mental projection.
Chapter 5: Return
He returns home, the future gets destroyed by the Poison Flame, but he manages to stop the
Poison Flame in the past by stasising him: The Poison Flame cannot change bodies without the
host dying.


Phase : Spider to the Fly
Chapter 1: Disturbance
A disturbance at a pet store?Shadehawk to the rescue!
Chapter 2: Trap
The disturber is actually an android bounty hunter paid to capture Shadehawk
Chapter 3: Web
The android bounty hunter does battle with Shadehawk
Chapter 4: Capture
The android bounty hunter manages to catch shadehawk but he escapes
Chapter 5: Flight
Rooftop chase
Chapter 6: Reversal
Shadehawk catches the android in a plan of his own.

Phase : The Malstoni Affair
Chapter 1: Deals
Mob dealings
Chapter 2: Family
Meghan Malstoni is introduced, but we dont see much of her.
Chapter 3: Bust
Shadehawk gets ready to stop a deal, but the White Wind appears before he can, and stops the
Chapter 4: Answers
Shadehawk captures her and then gets her to tell him some stuff.THey agree to work together.

- A cult called the Order of the Three Eyes.Lead by Total Ordrix Magrin Zocher.He has the ability to create space bubbles.

- Verlanian Revolt.
Verlanians are a working-class 'mutant' race.One wants to destroy the world of humans.

- Cyclone
 A hero with energy tornado powers.

- The ghosts of the Past
 - Dechs finally faces the 'ghost' of his sister and finds out it's a mischevious being with strange powers.The readers find out he works for Wizard.

- SA - Steel Armor
 - A giant robot storyline!

- Stripe
 - Villian with superspeed

- Other ghost from the past
 - The friend that was in the car isn't dead, has a super powerful suit, and blames Dechs because dechs was supposed to pick him
 up, and Tyra was just learning how to drive.

- Wannabes and Groupies
 - Some fans get on Dechs's nerves.

- There will be Malstoni Chapters throughoght the story, eventually revealling the Malstoni's daughter Meghan is the White Wind.

Newplan.txt - May 21, 2004

Current Plan Notes (ANTIHERO FOR HIRE)

By phase

- Crimson Boomerang and Fang.Crismon Boomerang is a regular crook, Fang is an underworld bounty hunter

- Return of Baron Diamond.Shows, shadowy, BD getting let out of prison.
Shadehawk gets a message to meet him at a certain point.
They combat, BD has more moves.
At one point< BD knocks him back to see that Wizard is there.
"Why are you always around when I'm fighting Baron Diamond?"
"Because I'm always around.Good job with the MANTIS agents in Tera Corp, by the way"

Diamond attacks Wizard, and Wizard tosses him aside like a rag doll

-Wizard attacks a museum (with Mantis guards), Shadehawk shows up and finds he made hsort
 work of all the guards. 
 "This man here, you know he doesn't have a name?MANTIS agents don't live, they're grown.
It's rather interesting...
The museum thing has to do with Domerelli so Crossroad shows up.He justs wants to meet him.
She tries to fight him but he is too much